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English: basketball ball

This one’s not going to go over too well with fans of the lovely and sissy game of basketball.  A group of tough looking dudes bouncing a ball up and down a court and acting like a bunch of cry-babies if they get touched ever so slightly by an opposing player  Ref! You saw that?  I think he just shot me!  I know, it takes skills to er…jump? Ok, well at least dribble. Like bouncing a ball while looking your opponent in the face. Mad skills.  Look ma, no eyes!  Ever seen it when a player bounces it between his legs then through the other guy’s legs or around him for a breakaway? Sweet! God forbid if someone puts their hands up and touches him on his way to a clean lay-up.

They go up, they score, they come down, they score, up score, down, score…120 – 155 final score and a sore neck.  Man that was a tight defensive game.


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