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I hate stupid clichés. They are so useless, it’s a total waste of speech. Let’s get some of the popular ones.  When you are hungry, well-meaning people would say, “You are not really that hungry.  Just think, some kid in Ethiopia is dying of starvation.” It’s not that I dispute that but at this time when my backbone is introducing itself to my belly button, I couldn’t care less about who else is suffering my fate. I want food and I want it now! Pronto! So you can stop with the cliché.

I fell and hurt myself.  Screaming in pain, I ran to you for consolation and the best you could do is, “Could be worse buddy.  Suck it up, don’t think of the pain.” Well you know what you could do with your, ‘don’t think about it’ crap.  You are not the one in pain here.  Or what about this one; I just lost a good friend and I get all the sympathy emails etc with the biggest cliché of them all. “Don’t worry, be happy. He’s gone to a better place.” Well you don’t say! Did anyone bother to ask the guy if this place is better? Maybe staying with me was a better place.  I mean, getting squished like a bug by a semi is damn shitty way to go to a ‘better place’.  I am sure there are easier avenues.

Last but not the least is when you complain about your job and how it stresses you out.  This is one I can relate to.  “My boss is going to get a punch in the face if he doesn’t chill out. He sure stresses the hell out of me.”  You get the clichéd response, “Just quit man!  Get another job. You don’t have to put up with that.”  Hey! Ask me first how much I get paid.  I can’t simply quit my job and find another one just waiting for me.  It’s not that easy. So make another suggestion other than telling me to quit.  Maybe I should punch the boss…

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