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Game of Thrones (soundtrack)

Game of Thrones (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love the show Game of Thrones but the darn thing is so hard to follow.  So many clans and families to keep tabs on.  They all want the same thing, to sit on the iron throne.  As if that’s not hard enough, they usually split these clans and noble houses up like splinter cells. Then I am even more confused.  Know what else I like? Well I don’t really like it, I just find it interesting. (ahem). The nudity.  The premise of the show is that no one is safe. Anyone could be killed off.  It looks as though the same goes for the women on the show. No one is safely clothed. Anyone could be ‘revealed’.  No need to say to yourself, “Hmm, what a hottie, I wish I could see her naked”, you will. Like I said, no one is safely clothed. Well except the men who always seem to keep their clothes on even during sex. Not fair to the women viewers but oh well…I am fine with that.

Thrones is probably the only show where you could be pleasantly excited by the sudden nudity of a fair lady only to have it quelled by the equally sudden beheading of someone. Talk about a roller-coaster of emotions…or as some would call it, a mood killer.  Maybe they should call it, Game of Boners.

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