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Yesterday, our water guy brought along a water girl on his delivery.  That in itself was not a biggie BUT coming to my work where there are only two non-eligible women and a whole heap of horny-but married men, is.  A biggie.  We were all outside enjoying the lovely and overdue warm temps.  The water guy walked by us and we barely noticed. Then came the water girl!  We were in the middle of a conversation which came to a grinding halt.  Screeech!!  Wow!

The poor girl.  We saw her jugs before we saw the jug.  In her hand.  Not her fault at all. She was well endowed.  Jaw-droppingly so.  Built to stop traffic and she did.  Because I was with the boys, I kinda fell into step and joined in the verbal appreciation of her talents. No, not her strength to hoist water jugs…ah, nevermind.  I wasn’t drooling or anything but I mean I can still look at the menu even if I’m not buying.  I’m married not buried, you know the sayings.

The water girl was the talk of the afternoon.  From my office, I could hear the guys relating to their unlucky co-workers about what they missed.  As you could imagine, there were quite a few jokes being told. Let’s just say the guys were making pigs of themselves.