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Have you ever looked into a mirror and saw a hottie staring back at you? A handsome dude, a sexy mama.  Then you go, “Man, I wish my ex, or exes, could see me now!  I’m smoking!” It doesn’t end there though. You go on Facebook and hunt them down to see how they look.  See if the years have also been good to them.  Oh how you wish they could see what they lost…

Or maybe you have moved up a rung.  From the shiftless no-gooder, to having your own pad.  A nice one at that. Man, where’s that ex when you need her/him?  Yeah, I feel you, been there done that.  Every once in a while, I’ll actually look up an ex from way way way back.  Just cuz.  As a matter of fact, I’m trying to remember the name of a chick as we speak, so I could creep her on Facebook on Instagram.  Shut up! As if you don’t do that too!