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At work yesterday, a co-worker was relating to me an experience he had while shopping at Walmart on the weekend. Apparently a lesbian couple were getting some heavy PDA going on. I told him of  similar experiences that I have had also.  Once while grocery shopping, there were these two young lesbians ahead of me. no older than 18. One, obviously the pant wearer, kept groping her partner in her nether regions.  She was oblivious of those around her.  Nothing like some girl-on-girl action eh?

I then told my co-worker that the next time I see a lesbian grabbing her partner’s butt, I was going to do the same, grab their butt too, that is. If they get mad I would say, “What?  You were doing it so why can’t I do it too? Is it because I am black??” He thought it was hilarious.