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The debate on whether school girls should dress more conservatively rages on.  Some say that the schools have no right to tell the girls to hide their midriffs and bra straps and maybe be more careful so as not to give the boys a glimpse of their undergarments.  Nothing turns a boy on like the sight of a thong.  Oh never mind, that’s me.

On a rare serious note, I am jealous of these school boys.  In my day we dropped our pencils on the floor in order to catch a peek up our teachers’ dress as she sat facing us.  Yes, I know.  We were pigs!  I promise you, I am not like that anymore. SERIOUSLY! I AM NOT!! As boys, we would do just about anything, every trick in the book to see up a dress or down a blouse. The sight of a bra strap would set our tongues wagging.  “Look at Adriana’s bra! I can see it!’  Again, my apologies, I was one horny little boy.

Could you then imagine if we were in schools where the girls dressed like they do now? Man oh man! A buffet for sore eyes! No need to drop coins or pencils.  No need to be covert.  I can only imagine.  The girls now wear their undergarments as overgarments.  It’s not cool if some skin isn’t showing.  Those lucky pricks!  And thank goodness that I only have boys.  Someone would be getting a beating err…um…talking to.

Girls, you are beautiful without the advertisement.  Cover it up please.  Keep them guessing.