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I am a Christian and a believer in God but yesterday as I was thinking about hell and the anguish it involves, I came to the conclusion that hell just could not be real. One of the main reasons why I came to that conclusion was that I really could not fathom how the God I read about in the Bible as being so loving and forgiving, could stand by and watch his creation suffer such a harsh and cruel punishment.

The Bible urges us to forgive 70 times 7 which is basically saying to forgive endlessly. Well if we who are mere mortals should forgive every single transgression, why wouldn’t or shouldn’t our maker do the same? Shouldn’t he forgive those who do not believe in him instead of condemning them to eternal fiery damnation? How about a lesser punishment instead of one so barbaric?

So you see, it just doesn’t make sense. It defies logic. It flies in the face of reason. If Hell is indeed real, then the Devil won a consolation prize. In the end he got to split the spoils with God. “How about this, buddy. You take what you want and give me the rest.”