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Do you watch that dumb, infantile, red-necked, immature, recessive show call Honey Boo Boo? If you do, boo! Shame on you! That show is taking stupidity too far. It’s taking bad parenting too far.  It’s…it’s…what’s wrong with our society today.  That Boo Boo girl needs to be reigned in.  She needs to learn how to be a girl. A girl with manners and respect.  Her and her mom are prime candidates for a makeover.  Mentally.

Boo Boo needs timeouts, she needs a makeover, she needs…she needs…A SMACK! There! I said it. Of course she does! She goes around smacking her mom and other adults on live tv and in public and not only does she get away with it BUT is barely admonished!  I am no card reader but it’s in the cards that this girl is headed straight for the brick wall.

I have to end here as this thing is bad for my bp. If you are fan of the show, smarten up!  Aiding and abetting is a crime.