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Know what I hate when I’m driving? Well of course you don’t.  How could you? You don’t even know me. So here’s what I hate, I hate it when I’m driving and I pull up alongside a vehicle and look expectantly over to find some dude looking over with the same expectant gaze.  You know the gaze? You kinda think and hope you will see a hot chick, or maybe in some cases, a guy, looking back at you.  I get that ‘Eeew’ feeling when I catch eyes with another dude and I could read his eyes. We both glance away so fast that it could cause a whiplash.

It even happened yesterday. I was driving along when the light ahead turned red. I pulled up so I could sneak a peek over to see who was behind the wheel of the car across from me.  It’s like pulling that lever on a slot machine or flipping a coin. Could go either way, but I was hoping to see a chick with flowing long hair looking back at me with that pouty look.  Instead a burly guy who was obviously on the same thought train as I was sitting in his bucket seat looking straight at me.  His mind screamed, ‘Shit! It’s a dude!’ and mind calmly asked, ‘What you looking at?’