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We all have one, or know one. It’s those people you say hi to on a regular basis but never really have conversations with.  You meet them on your bus, on your street, or they could even be your neighbors.  “Oh hi! Nice out today eh?”  And that’s about it. You have the big happy grin on your face but between your gritted teeth, you think, “Oh please don’t stop to chat! Please please!”  Because you know you have nothing in common and conversation would be awkward.

I remember this one time, my wife was going to hang with her girlfriends and she was trying to get one of their husbands to come hang at home with me so I won’t be bored.  Even though they were mutual friends, I had nothing in common with the guy.  He was fine when we all hung out but alone? No way! I was terrified. Good thing he cancelled.  He had a headache. He must have felt the same way as I did.  We were ‘Hi’ friends. And I wasn’t bored at home one bit, in case you were wondering…