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I have 3 little kids. The neighbor’s little boy and his sister who are a few years older, usually comes over and play with them in the yard and sometimes in the house, which I hate. No playing in my house when it’s nice and hot outside!  So anyways, today they were outside then I heard a knock on the door. Opening it I saw the next door boy standing there asking if they could come in and play hide-and-seek. Grumpy ass that I am, I asked why can’t they go to his house for a change. Then insisted this was a good time he took them there. Of course, make a mess of his parents’ house for a change. Then I urged the boys to go to their house. Well they didn’t get too far, in fact not even past the door. They came back with, “Their mom said we can’t come in.” Seriously?? It’s fine for them to run riot all over my house but not in her house?

So, am I just a grumpy old fart or do I have a valid point? I mean why must the neighbor enjoy some one-on-one time with her other half while I babysit her kids and keep them occupied? Is it just me? I think I have a point. You can’t have my kids at your house, then I shouldn’t house yours either. Plain and simple. What’s my house? McDonald’s play area?  Neighborly my ass!  And NO, I am not mad…

Oh, you want to know what happened in the end?  Well after some begging and pleading, I let them come in but the rules were they sit and watched a movie and NO HIDE AND SEEK. Softie that I am.