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The other day I went to my favorite coffee shop and was a bit surprised to see the person serving me was an old co-worker.  I immediately thought to myself, “Is this where  you ended up? Why couldn’t you have done something better with your life?” But you know what? She looked very happy and was darn good at what she was doing.  It made me think.

Sometimes life is such a rat race that we forget the true meaning of it.  It’s not having the best job but being the best at your job.  It doesn’t matter if someone is married with kids and works at Macdonald’s.  It’s not about that. It doesn’t mean they wasted their life away.  It’s the happiness and the meaning that really counts. So next time you go through the check out at your grocery store, gas bar or convenience store, don’t look down on the person serving you.  Don’t treat them like they only exist to serve you, they don’t.

What exactly is a real job?