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You know how women always give us men crap for not paying attention to their changes in appearance?  For example, failing to notice the new do or weight loss?  Well I have a good one for you.

I have always had a mustache. A few months ago I shaved it off just for something different. I have kept it off since.  My wife never noticed the sudden change when I shaved it all off, surprisingly.  She never said a word.  Then last week, because I like to change things up, I decided back to the stache I go. After a couple of days’ growth my wife looked suddenly at me as though she’d never seen me before or I’d just crawled out of a hole or a stepped down from a UFO.  “when did you start growing a stache, get rid of it!” I explained that I always had one and this was just a few day’s growth. “Get rid of it” she ordered.

See? Women!  I did get rid of it but that’s not the point…