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Yesterday evening, I was hanging out on a Boston Pizza patio with two of my guy friends and a gal pal chatting and enjoying some drinks.  While thus engaged, five ladies walked in.  They were of different shapes, sizes and looks.  All were beautiful in their own ways.  We evaluated them and presented out ‘who would you choose’ list.  Yes, even our gal pal did too. My female friends are cool like that, my wife and I check out both sexes while out and about and we comment on their eligibility if you know what I mean. Not like we are kinky or anything…

While we were still debating the merits of our choices, a car pulled up in the parking lot and out jumped a lovely damsel in a nice body-hugging evening dress!  Our gal pal commented on her butt and we all agreed she had it going on.  She was with her guy so no words were said. All thoughts of the prior ladies were forgotten. Again we all stared and commented. Yes, our gal pal too.

About half an hour later, two ladies moved into the vacant table next to us.  Well dammit! The candies kept getting better! How is that possible? Where does it end? They even trumped the damsel in the evening dress. We all sat in silence for a moment knowing what each other was thinking.

Isn’t that weird that as hot as someone is, there’s always someone hotter and someone even hotter than the one that’s hotter.