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I don’t swear. I find it dumb and ignorant and shows that the speaker has a limited vocabulary.  At my job that I have been almost a year, everyone swears.  They swear about everything and anything and I just ignore it.  They would ask me for stuff by saying, “Where is the effing stuff?” “It’s coming.” I would reply calmly.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday was when I decided when in Rome do as the Romans do, can’t beat em, so join em.  I had had enough of the crude and disrespectful comments.  I was asked, “Where is the effing stuff?”  My response was swift.  “Eff you and your effing stuff!”  I said it like a pro.  You would have been proud.  Well since then, it seemed like I was more respected! WTF!  Today, I did it again.  Tomorrow I will too.  At this rate, they are gonna love me around here, but you know what? Eff em!