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Before you start calling me a cheapskate, read on.  I like the bucket challenge and what it’s doing for research on this dreaded disease and also bringing it to the forefront. However, if you were to nominate me for the challenge, I would not give a donation to ALS.

I have limited resources (cash) and because of this, I cannot donate to every charity that comes a-begging.  Dreadful and serious as they might be.  There are other ailments out there that are even more serious and also may be closer to home to me, meaning that I could have a family member who is stricken with it. If you don’t get, let me explain. if diabetes runs in my family, which is does, would I give my last dollar to ALS or to Diabetes?

So it’s not that I don’t want to give, it’s just that I chose to give to a charity of my choice.  My dollars, my choice, right? If you are curious as to which I would give to, I would like to give to FMD research.  Google it.

This ice bucket thing might be fun and all but it isn’t getting a dime of my money.  Just saying…