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Trending: Kim Kardishan nude pics leaked online.  Are you kidding me?  Are you trying to tell me that there are actually some who haven’t seen this over-hyped woman naked? After all, isn’t that the way she catapulted into fame? By ‘leaking’?

I just found out that a new set of celebrity personal pics were leaked online. Everyone is entitled to some form of privacy, yes even celebs.  (By the way, some of these people, I never would have guessed in a 1000 years that they would…ah nevermind).

Rihanna and Kim, to name are few, have naked pics and videos littering the web like a dirty back lane.  Crying that they were subjected to a leak is like me running out of the pool because it’s raining. They can’t fool me!

For those like my girl Gabriele Union, I feel for them. Here’s an innocent and wholesome black beauty, just taking some sexy pics for her man, only to have it shared with pervs.

And to you people who are infiltrating these cell phones, please, please, no more Kim! Or Riri, Or Paris.  Actually, no more pics period!