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thI was just pondering the other day on some of the things that could give the best feelings. One of them that actually stood out was the feeling of your belt being undone by your new girlfriend/date/whatever.  It’s mind-blowing!

Let me put it in your head.  So you are alone with this hot chick who you have not done anything with other than kissed.  She seems not the type to jump into bed with just anyone.  If you are like me, that just makes your groin tingle.  The chase is on! So here you are alone with her, cupping a feel would be like winning the lottery but somehow, her delicate hands with manicure fingers are fumbling with your belt! Are you sure honey? Is this going to happen? Don’t stop baby, rip the darn jeans off me already! 

Also worth mentioning as a ‘feel good’ moment is when you gamble and attempt to pull her pants off only to have her compliantly raise her hips to help with the process.

If you are not excited by these, then I am surprised that you can even read this blog as you are DEAD.