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English: People using a bathroom.

English: People using a bathroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So is it just in my head or are every guy in my workplace suffering from diarrhea?  Why? Well every time I am in a stall, just sitting there texting or blogging, taking a break from my desk,  the person in the next stall always sound like they are dying while giving birth! I never knew the human anus could produce such unearthly sounds!

Know what I do when that happens?  I peer under the divider (yes I know, creepy) to see what shoes they are wearing so I could identify the poor diarrhea-stricken fella if I see him walking the hallways. Maybe I could recommend a stool hardener or something. Anything.  No luck so far but then I haven’t been trying too hard.

I would he embarrassed as hell if I made those sounds while in earshot.  It seems as though they are oblivious to my presence.  I wonder, could it very well be the same person?