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Today I would take a moment to recognize the biggest invention in the world.  The biggest world changer ever! Here’s why.

Thanks to the Internet I can creep my friends and non-friends and compare my life to theirs.  I could see how they live, what they wear,how they raise their kids etc. Then I compare and judge.  Sometimes I feel sad and depressed, like when I see them having fun in some exotic country while I freeze in my neck of the woods. Or laughing in a bar pic while I deal with my screaming kids.

Thanks to the Internet I can see females in all stages of undress, depending on my taste at the time.  I can body shame and I could use for my spank bank. 

With the Internet I could comment on things I know or don’t know.  I could harass and bully people behind my mask.   I can also get bullied and harassed but that’s a small price to pay. 

Thanks to the Internet, I really don’t have to deal with my kids or reality. I just find a nice quiet spot and GO ON THE INTERNET.