Please Help My Son Attend His Granny’s Funeral!


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Thanks so much!


Yes You Can. Duh


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We all have that ‘thing’ we are certain we can’t do.  Quit our jobs and find something more rewarding, perform in public, stop smoking, drinking etc.  Whatever it is, we are all in the same boat.  Well tell you what, you can, I can, we can.

Whatever the obstacles in your path today that’s keeping you from realizing your true potential, it can be moved.  All you need to do is tell yourself ‘Yes I can’.  Those 3 simple words carry huge impact.  If you believe it in your heart, your body and soul gravitates to it and make it happen.  When you feel the urge to fall back into your ‘I can’t’ shell, breathe and tell yourself ‘Yes, I can’.  Imagine Obama pointing at you and saying those words. (If that helps).  Try it today, try it now.


Just Find Something!


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Ever spent so much time searching for a show to watch that before you know it, it’s time to go to bed?  You just blew two hours searching! Happens to me every weekend. I have one of those Android box thingys plus Netflix, so it’s not like my choices are slim, just maybe my choices are too many.

How come the kids never have this problem? I take my kids to their grandparents and they grab the remote as soon as they walk in and voila! they are watching a show, not scrolling through the menu.  They always seem to find their show too!  And it doesn’t matter if it’s the first time they have been to the house or what cable carrier they are using, they would find a show in seconds!  To make matters worse, all three would mutually agree on it.

Oh, to be a kid again…

You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!


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Image result for you won't believe what happened nextOh how I hate those!  You know what I am talking about.  You have seen them on your news feeds or your friends’ posts. Yes those.

If you haven’t, here’s an example.  There’s a photo of a woman, yes it’s mostly always a woman. She is just standing there doing nothing.  Wearing something sexy.  Yes, there is always a woman wearing something sexy.  The caption: This woman was just waiting for her boyfriend to propose but you won’t believe what happened next.  Like seriously?

Look, I have no time to click through shit, hot woman or not.  Just fricking tell me what happened already! You already got my attention!  Don’t play games with me.  But the sucker that I am, I click anyways.

What usually transpired is nothing what you’d expect. The boyfriend propose and that’s about it.  Usually.  That’s it.  Well what do you expect?  Her clothes would magically fall off?  Gimme a break!

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Chill out daddy!


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I realized I had a problem while playing  NHL 15 on the Xbox with my 7 year-old.  He was kicking my butt and being the competitive person I am, I was getting angrier as the goals piled up.  Seeing my changing demeanor, the kid looked at me and said, “Dad, don’t forget it’s only a game.  It’s not like you are playing in the NHL.”

It was as though he tossed ice-cold water in my face. I smartened up immediately and took my beatdown like a man.

Can’t Trump This


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Say what you will about Trump but he fulfills his promises unlike most politician.  The guy says he will build a wall and I laughed in his face.  Yeah right! Nice try.  He will change his mind once he gets to be POTUS. He said he would put a halt to foreign immigrants and again I was dubious.  But wait! Here we are mere weeks into his presidency and he’s signing off on all the things he said he would enact! What a President!

It wasn’t so scary when I doubted he would follow through on his lame-brain ideas and ridiculous plans.  I actually thought he would see the errors of his ways once he got in the House. I was wrong.  Seriously wrong.

What’s worse that an immature, egotistical maniac?  An immature, egotistical maniac with power.

Thanks To The Internet 


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Today I would take a moment to recognize the biggest invention in the world.  The biggest world changer ever! Here’s why.

Thanks to the Internet I can creep my friends and non-friends and compare my life to theirs.  I could see how they live, what they wear,how they raise their kids etc. Then I compare and judge.  Sometimes I feel sad and depressed, like when I see them having fun in some exotic country while I freeze in my neck of the woods. Or laughing in a bar pic while I deal with my screaming kids.

Thanks to the Internet I can see females in all stages of undress, depending on my taste at the time.  I can body shame and I could use for my spank bank. 

With the Internet I could comment on things I know or don’t know.  I could harass and bully people behind my mask.   I can also get bullied and harassed but that’s a small price to pay. 

Thanks to the Internet, I really don’t have to deal with my kids or reality. I just find a nice quiet spot and GO ON THE INTERNET. 

Down Dog!


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Are you planning on having a baby? Another one or the first? How about a dog? Do you know a dog is like a baby? They are needy and demand a lot of attention.  Nothing wrong with that if you are up to the task.

Dogs are like kids, some people adore kids and some would rather keep their distant. Some go against their better judgement and give birth, only to abuse and sometimes kill the child! Same thing as a dog.  Read the stories of people with dogs in less than comfortable conditions.  It’s usually a good idea at the time.

So thing before you commit.  Do you want a kid? Do you want a dog?  You could love kids and hate dogs or love dogs or hate kids or love them both or hate them both.  Don’t listen to anyone, it’s your life, your call.  Don’t be forced.


Christmas Walkers And Gawkers



Walking is a lot like driving.  There are times when something interesting would catch your eye as you drive by.  You will slow down or pull over, depending on how interesting it is.  The same is true for walking.  At this time of year, the malls are packed with Christmas shoppers.  That’s understandable.  Like I said, practice the law of the road while walking the malls as they are very much the same.

For the benefit of those walking behind you, do not stop on a dime to check out a marked down item! Be courteous of those behind you, just like driving.  Move to the side so they could pass by and gawk at your leisure. 50% off is great!

Happy walking/driving!